These are uncertain times for all of us. COVID-19 has changed property management. What was normal four months ago now looks like a distant memory. We have been forced to create new routines and also new ways to interact with one another. As a result, today, more than ever, we need to be ready to help and to adapt.

Our tenants

At the beginning of the pandemic we picked up the phone to call each one of our tenants. Our first concern was to make sure everybody was OK. Secondly we needed to communicate the measures we put in place to protect the household should any tenant fall ill.

For example, soon after lockdown began a foreign student in one of our student houses told us he was not feeling well. He was the only student remaining in the house. All the other tenants had each gone back to their countries just as lock down started. We were concerned and kept checking with him frequently. We did that even after it was clear that his illness was just caused by the stress of the situation. He was the only tenant in a 4 bedroom house, but he was not alone.

In another case, one of the tenants was sheilding. We reached out to his housemates to ask them to do his shopping. They took it a step further and prepared his meals for a time. So many acts of kindness that we witnessed.

Some tenants lost their jobs. For the first time in their lives they had to figure out how to get financial help. By keeping informed about Government and Council schemes we were able to pass the information on to our tenants. As a result they could access the help they needed not only to pay the rent but in some cases to fill the fridge.

Our landlords

The day after calling our tenants, we called all of our landlords. We wanted to see if they and their families were safe. We wanted to reassure them that even in these challenging circumstances we were keeping our commitment to provide them with a consistent income from their investment properties. They could therefore focus on what was more important in their lives.

Amalida Properties is committed to giving exemplary service and peace of mind to all of our landlords and tenants.